Wednesday, March 30, 2011

Day 89 - Springtime - Day 5

Keep your friends close and your dragon even closer! (Off theme I know but oh so cute!)

Day 88 - Springtime - Day 4

First silage cut of the year!

Day 87 - Springtime - Day 3


Day 86 - Springtime - Day 2

The cows enjoying the Sunday sunshine on my walk

Day 85 - Springtime - Day 1

Daffodils in bloom (again but this time in the wild)

Day 84: All things Irish - Day 7

We are starting the hurling training young around here  -apparently we need too as we live in a footballing county

Day 83: All things Irish - Day 6

Day 82: All things Irish - Day 5

Day 81: All things Irish: Day 4

I love our dual language road signs! Admittedly these aren't quite as nice as the old mile ones but it's something I would hate to see stopped.

Day 80: All things Irish: Day 3

One of the upsides of the Celtic Tiger - we now have great new roads. On the other side of our current economic situation - two half built houses seemingly abondoned.

Day 79: All things Irish: Day 2

The humble spud!

Monday, March 21, 2011

Day 78: All things Irish: Day 1

Daffodils in spring!

Day 77: 6 months!!

Where does the time go! Babs is 6 whole months now. I suspect the next 6 months are going to go even faster than the last ones and see even more changes. Hopefully they will all be good things or at least more good than bad! Poor scamp doesn't look too happy in this one but he was a bit under the weather.

Day 76: Happy St. Patrick's Day

Happy St. Patrick's Day from a smiley baby!

Day 75: The Alphabet: Day 26

Z is for Zeddy!

Zeddy and Parsnip feature strongle in out nursery  -on cushions, walls and doors. They were also found on the crib bedding that someone has now outgrown!

Tuesday, March 15, 2011

Day 74: The Alphabet: Day 25

Y is for - Yet more election literature!

I'm feeling very popular again. Just as one election is over I start getting lots more fliers in the door! As a Trinity graduate I get to vote for the Senate elections  -we are a three seat constituency.  This is what I recieved in the last two days alone.  All this is adressed to me as Mrs. Claire Married Name B.A.; Interestingly I never informed the college that I had changed my name on marriage but since I did get married there they have taken the liberty of deciding for me!

Monday, March 14, 2011

Day 73: The Alphabet: Day 24

X is for eXhausted!! So much for back to sleep - he's started sleeping this way the last few weeks and no matter how oftern we reposition him this is how we find him the next morning.

Day 72: The Alphabet: Day 23

W is for Washing machine! God knows what I would do without my faithful friend. Especially since September!

Day 71: The Alphabet: Day 22

V is for victory! A successful shopping trip for me!

Day 70: The Alphabet: Day 21

U is for up in the air. Air Conor takes off,  destination - high chair for lunch! 

Day 69: The Alphabet: Day 20

T is for Travel Cot - We got this gorgeous new one for Conor on sale. It even includes and extra T - Tigger, although you can't really see him behind Piglet and Pooh!

Day 68: The Alphabet: Day 19

S is for Studying!  While DH studies his work stuff, I'm studying up on my family history. Best of all there's no exam for me!

Day 67: The Alphabet: Day 18

R is for reading - we do a lot of that in this house. This is just one of our many bookcases

Day 66: The Alphabet: Day 17

Q is for - Quite excited - which I am as I'm going back to work! I had to give up my previous job for maternity reasons so I'm delighted to have found a new one!

Day 65: The Alphabet: Day 16

P is for Peek-A-Boo

Day 64: The Alphabet: Day 15

O is for Organising old photos

I really should have finished this project before begining my 365 but I'll get to them yet. I even have photos of two of my great, greatparents buried in there!

Saturday, March 5, 2011

Day 63: The Alphabet: Day 14

N is for New toys.  Humpty Dumpty sits on a wall - at least until Conor gets his hands on him. He hasn't figured out that there is a lever to make Humpty fall off the wall but he can do just as well with his hand! Sometimes I don't even get it rebuilt before he starts trying to throw him off again. This is actually an old toy I tracked down on ebay. My brother had one when he was little and couldn't work the lever either. He is either not as smart or a lot lazier than my son - he used to make me pop Humpty off and he would rebuild him.

Day 62: The Alphabet: Day 13

M is for Milk! In order (left to right): Conor's milk, Eoin's hangover milk, Claire's milk. If goldilocks we're writing this Eoin's would be too sweet, mine would be too watery and Conor's would be just right :-)

In other news half way through the alphabet!

Day 61: The Alphabet: Day 12

L is for  - learning new skills. He doesn't last very long but he has finally started to sit up unaided!!! Ooh the excitement!

Day 60: The Alphabet: Day 11

K is for Koala! Kevin came all the way from Sydney!

Day 59: The Alphabet: Day 10

J is for -just waiting! For the phone to ring. Fingers crossed I'm going back to work (still waiting to hear)