Thursday, May 5, 2011

Day 117: I got me a new phone!

I love my hubby and son - cos they bought me an iPhone! In honour of the occassion I took a photo of them enjoying a bottle together as the first photo on it!

Day 116: Messy baby!

Turned my back for two seconds!! Baby scamp took the opportunity to upend his bowl of rice - bloody useless suction cups!

Day 115: Out for lunch

We went out shopping and decided to stop for lunch. Conor joined us for a sandwich!

Day 114: Happy Easter!

Lots of Eggs for me, and before you ask I'm not sharing!

Day 113: Today we started learning how to swim!

The swimming pool? What's that? oh it's like my bath, but bigger! That sounds like lots of fun!

Day 112: Good Friday!

He really looks like he knows what he's doing!! Damn I'm good!

Day 111

Day 110

Somebody hasn't rebuilt my tower :-(

Day 109

This is what I want for dinner mammy!! Left my book of baby food down while trying to deicde what meals to cook. Conor was more than happy to venture an opinion!

Day 108

It's never too soon to start a good dental hygiene routine!!

Day 107 - Family - Day 14

6 generations of Sherwin blood. In the front row, my dad son and brother. The photo in the back is from right to left my dad, my grandad (who I sadly never met), my great grandfather, and my great great grandfather. His photo was taken at work. He was a marble mason. It's shame photos don't go back much further than that (mid 1800s) as we have traced our ancestors back further. I come from a line of goldsmiths, silversmiths, and marble masons. My brother is the first male in 100s of years, in my fathers direct line,  not to have served an apprenticeship.

Day 106 - Family - Day 13

A slightly old photo - 3 generations of Haugh men!

Day 105 - Family - Day 12

Conor with his proud parents!

Day 104 - Family - Day 11

Me and Conor!

Day 103 - Family - Day 10

Smiling with Aunty Catriona! And Tickle me Elmo which confuses and delights him in equal measure

Day 102 - Family -Day 9

Conor with his Uncle Liam!

Day 101 - Family -Day 8

Uncle Ciaran home from Australia. Showing Conor what being an engineer is all about! Conor showed him what he thought of his engineering skills a few minutes later - shame I missed that picture! I'm not sure if I should be worried or proud!

Monday, May 2, 2011

Day 100 - Census Day!

I'm a huge history fan and have used the 1901 and 1911 census online to help with family history research. I wonder if my descendants will be looking at this form in 100 years!

Day 99 - Family -Day 7

Conor with his soon to be Aunty Dympna!

Day 98 - Family -Day 6

Conor and his Uncle Diarmuid.

Day 97 - Family -Day 5

Conor with Granny Anne - An old one, and not very good, but I hardly have any of them together!

Day 96 - Family -Day 4

Conor and Nana Mary

Day 95 - Family -Day 3

Conor and Eoin in matching t-shirts! No doubting who's Daddy's boy!

Day 94 - Family -Day 2

Grandpa Frankie's turn!!

Day 93 - Family -Day 1

Hanging with Grandpa John Joe!

Day 92 - See how I have grown!

Day 91: Springtime - Day 7

Lambs in the field!!

Day 90: Springtime - Day 6

Washing on the line!